We will be attending the Keystone Capital District Spring Camporee at Camp Muckleratz in Halifax.   This year’s theme is Spartan Games!   The Troop will be split up into patrols to compete and complete multiple stations.   Each patrol will earn points at the station for minimum time to complete the station, completing tasks, and patrol cohesiveness and adaptability.
The competition stations are:
 1. Split the match & fire building
 2. Paired relay
 3. Log hauling
 4. Giant tire flipping
 5. Trail run and bear bag lift
 6. String team maze pass-through
 7. Archery
 8. First Aid (of course)
 9. Obstacle challenge course
10. Chariot race with snapper fishing
At a minimum, patrols must have with them while traveling: lashing rope, first aid kit with splints and bandages, work gloves, blanket / litter material and ALL scouts must have their own reusable water bottle.
There is also a Spartan food competition where each Troop can earn bonus points.  We will need to research and prepare a ‘traditional’ Spartan meal and submit it to the Spartan food judges.
There will be other activity stations to complete that are not part of the competition.  They include Archery, Tomahawk Throwing, Tug-of-War Team Challenges, Ultimate Frisbee, Hike the Demonstration Forest Trail and more.
Please see the attached permission slip which is due by April 9th.   Given that this is a patrol based competition event, we will form patrols of the scouts that sign up to attend.  Those patrols will then have to work on the 16th to prepare their supplies.  If there isn’t enough time during the meeting to get everything prepped, we may need to have another meeting later that week (probably the 18th or 19th) for those that are going to finish prepping their competition supplies. \
Permission Slip: District Spring Camporee